People's Leather

​My first memory of my Grandfather was in his shoe repair shop.  A large man with as big smile that did not go away.  He had a shoe in his hand and he was finishing a sole at his finisher.  He was wearing a white shirt and had an apron on as leather work can be messy at times.  The smell of leather all around the place.  A warm safe place that made everything alright.

I was restoring a motorcycle and needed some leather work that was not available anymore.  So I familiarized myself with some techniques and some of Grand Dad's tools.  It didn't take too ling for that same warm safe feeling to come back.  I like to stay there as much as possible. 

​Another benefit?  Why yes there is.  That warm nothing wrong with the world feeling comes back when I can help someone realize their vision with a nice item that will solve a problem or enhance their day to day life.  Leather items do this well.

​A leather gift for yourself or someone else is the most thoughtful thing one can give.  It does not matter if its one of our stock items that are designed and tested by friends and family before we offer them to you or one that is a completely new vision that we can help you make a reality, People's Leather is the best place to make that happen because it comes from a good place.  A place where your satisfaction is paramount and each item is made to last for years.

​In 2010, I had the honor refreshed the stitching, dye and replaced two snaps on a wallet that was made by my Grand Dad in 1962.  The owner of the wallet was the son of the original owner.  That was reassurance that what we do lasts for generations and makes more than one person happy.

​Let People's Leather make you a product that will last for generations and keep the good memories alive.  No matter how simple or how complex, your project or product will receive the attention to detail and care that comes from the knowledge that it will be important for a long time.